Global Viper Sports 2.3M Turbine Jet

Global Viper Sports 2.3M 
For limited time offer, we are introducing the Viper Sports 2.3M turbine jet at a price that you can't refuse.  Developed originally by our German Team for 5 years, we are now introducing it to the worldwide market.    

This is an ideal, medium size sports scale Viper jet.  Viper jets are the most popular sports/scale jets in the market today.   It's known for it's stable, fly on rail, and easy to fly performance.  Great platform for sports, Aerobatics and pattern flights.   This viper comes with full Airex composite construction, electric gear/brake system, tanks, exhaust pipes, hardware packages.  

ARF PRO Original Price: $5290.00 | Introductory Price: $3695.00 WIRED (Equivalent to ARF Pro with wire extensions for servo installation)

PNP (Turbine Ready) Original Price: $6390.00 | Introductory Price: $4695.00 with landing/nav lights installed.


Based on the KISS principle, we are making another great RC turbine jet again after the successful introduction of the Global Aerojet Viper 3.5M. We choose the 1/5 scale F86F for its legendary heritage, and popularity, Viper Sports 2.3M is a great size for any popular 120-180N turbine. It’s designed to be simple to build, easy to fly and operate.

Global Jet Servos: HV, High Torque, Full Metal Digital Servos, (sold separately or included in the PNP configurations.) These servos are specifically selected for our fleets of PNP Jets. They all have soft start up centering, highly precision titanium gear sets, high voltage, high torque (42KG*cm @8.4V) and full metal casing for great thermal stability and durability.

  • Highly prefabricated ARF, ARF PRO, PNP configurations
  • All pre-painted outside the mold with PPG quality paint at the factory
  • All AirexTM total vacuum bagged sandwich constructions on airframe
  • Pre-installed exhaust pipe, fuel tank, battery trays, landing gear, and other scale details
  • All electric scale landing gear, brake, and gear doors to completely eliminate leaky air system
  • Pre-installed folding nose landing lights
2300mm (90.5 in)
2200mm (86.5 in)
Dry Weight
Turbine, Receiver, batteries, empty fuel tank, full UAT on board (15-16 kg / 33-35.25 lbs)
RTF Weight
Full fuel tank (19-20 kg / 42–44 lbs)
Fuel Tank
5 liter fiberglass tank
Recommended Turbine Engine
120n ~ 180n

Control Throws
Ailerons - up - 25mm: Down - 22mm
Elevators - +/- 25mm
Rudder - +/- 60mm
Flaps - Take-off - 25mm, Landing - 80-90mm
CG - From LE 230mm

Package & Build Options
Optional AG68 Gyro Brake, DS-3 controller, or AG63 Pro recommended but sold separately

Choose one of following Package Options from the drop-down menu


Painted Canopy (Cockpit Not Available)
5 Liter Main Fuel Tank
Hardware Package with Fittings
Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars
Tail/Exhaust Pipe


JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set Brake System
Main Fuel Tank
Hardware Package with Fittings
Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars
Tail/Exhaust Pipe

PNP (Turbine Ready)

Preinstalled JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set w/ Brake System
Preinstalled HV/HQ Servos
Preinstalled Multiplex Connectors & Electric Wires
Preinstalled Fuel Lines
Main Fuel Tank
Hardware Package with Fittings
Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars
Tail/Exhaust Pipe

Top Reasons to purchase from GLOBAL JET CLUB instead of Factory Direct

-The difference in Time Zones makes communication difficult. GLOBAL JET CLUB is a well-respected US Retailer with a professional and experienced team ready to assist you on PST Time.

-The factory mainly speaks a different language.

-GLOBAL JET CLUB will be your contact for any warranty or technical matters.

-Our purchasing volume allows us to provide factory direct pricing.

-We attend most all flying events where we can assist you with on sight technical and product support.

-Save money and frustration by purchasing from GLOBAL JET CLUB! We are experienced pilots and we are here to assist in a great overall experience with your purchase!

Shipping Methods:

-Air Shipping via DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx Direct from China

-Ground Shipping (U.S. ONLY) approximately 45 Days for delivery upon the production completion of the aircraft.

-You may also choose for local pick up from our warehouse location in Zip Code: 91706 and or at our Hemet-Ryan Airport location.

-If you are located in the Lower 48 U.S. States, we can ship via ground by Greyhound Package Express, UPS and or FedEx Freight.