AEROJET is our consolidated brand of jets that have these key concepts in mind

1. Easy to Set up and Operate

2. Reliable and low maintenance cost

3. Most importantly: Easy to Fly  

4. Highest Performance Value in the market

With these concepts in mind, we design the Aerojet by utilizings the latest turbine, composite, and electronic technologies that have these Key features:

1. Full Sandwiched Vacuum bagged Airex composite construction on airframe for the best strength and lightweight airframe

2. Full Electric Retracts and Brakes for easily and reliable operation and maintenance  

3. Full Servo operated gear doors and speed brakes

4. Maximum standardized parts such as Air vents, tanks, wirings, L/G parts for quick replacement and repairs.

We made these jets in the factories that went through a series of qualifying challenge to ensure each factory can provide consistent quality and performance kits that's fully tested and validated by our Global  Pilot and Engineering Team.

With Aerojet kits, your time to air is minimized while your flying time is maximized.  Our goal is to keep you in the air as much as possible.  The time of long and tedious maintenance time is over with Aerojet.  You can easily put together these jet kits in a couple of weekends and maiden it shortly after some simple programming.   This is the brand that's designed by our pilots for our pilots.  Come visit our collections of these Aerojet kits and plan out for your next projects.