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About Us

Mike Lin (the Founder) was inspired to launch Global Jet Club because he so much enjoyed the community of people who like him has such a passion for flying RC model jets.  After attending many jet rally's around the world and regardless of what country he was in, pilots and spectators alike were so excited to fly and watch turbine powered jets.

So the name Global Jet Club seemed very fitting and a business was born!

As an International business owner, Mike's time is very limited and he like many other's just wanted to fly.  While there is certainly a lot of satisfaction in being able to build your own model, Mike wanted to get to the flightline ASAP.  It was then he knew if he could offer the service option of pre-installed components such as servos, landing gear, fuel tanks, navigation lights it would help pilots reduce the amount of time needed to get their jet airborne.

So the Pro Services aspect of the business was added as purchase options for those willing to spend a little more, but gain valuable hours of enjoyment flying their jet sooner.  Additionally, many just don't have the tools, experience and know-how to confidently assemble their models.

Regardless of how a customer wanted to purchase their jet and equipment, Mike also experienced the success some pilots had over and over while others continued to have challenges.  Mike knew the need for creating a community willing to share tips and offer guidance would be a significant help to those willing to pay attention and apply those tips while at the same time be a source of satisfaction for those experienced pilots and builders with the right temprement for teaching.  

2018 is the year of Global Jet Club 3.0 - With the help of some committed team members, Global Jet Club will be rolling out not only a new website, but a level of customer service that will go beyond anything previsously done in the jet modeling industry.  RC Pilot Book is coming soon and will amaze those who want to see their flying skills and overall success in the hobby soar to new heights.

So on behalf of the new Global Jet Club team...we look forward to working with you and seeing you at all the events worldwide!

Now, let's go FLY!