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I ordered my Xcalibur plus through GJC and they always kept me up to date of shipping dates and so forth.

Jason - Norfolk, NE

I bought an F-18 kit, not an ARF, through Mike at GJC a few years ago. I was very pleased with the purchase and will do so again.

RCFlyerDan - Cape Coral, FL

LOL, why would you buy from anyone besides GJC if they handle what you want. They bridge the language issues and are trustworthy

Ken ~ Temecula, CA

Thank your lucky stars you are dealing with Global Jet Club!

George - Sedalia, CO

I fly with Mike (when he is in town). He is still the owner of GJC and is a solid guy to deal with - as well as being a modeler just like us. Mike has done a lot over the years to improve the quality of the airframes out of China, particularly the Jet Legend, FEJ, FB etc., and he flies what he sells. I personally would not purchase a China air-frame without having GJC part of the transaction.

TTRotary - San Diego

My experience with GJC when I bought my JL Viper was nothing but top-shelf. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again!

Sluggo - Gulf Breeze, FL

GJC is a fair and honest merchant! I have 2 JL planes from them a few years ago and are still flying. Mike is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Len - Winnipeg, MB

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