Global Aerojet T-45 1/6 Scale


Plug n’ Play Performance with this Global Aerojet T-45 Goshawk Composite Jet! This T-45 Goshawk takes PNP to an all new level! Constructed of extremely light and strong Airex Composite material, we are able to add scale details on the surface with the rivet lines, individual rivets and panel lines. For the first time, a Turbine Ready PNP in this high caliber is available. All the servos, control linkages, hardware are installed and centered right out of the box! The T-45 Goshawk includes upgrade servos that are HV Aluminum cased, metal gear Ultra High Torque and High Speed Digital servos that out performs the standard package servos by far with better precision, more efficiency and of course much improved strength and reliability! Furthermore, this T-45 Goshawk also includes LED Navigation lights installed, heavy duty electric retract with suspension, beautiful wheels with electric brakes are also installed! fuel tanks system is also installed and plumbed. Engine is ready for your 8kg to 10kg turbine! If there ever is a so called easiest Jet to fly, the T-45 Goshawk would be one of the top choices.

This T-45 Goshawk has taken all the guess work out of building a turbine aircraft from individual parts. Quick building and more time for flying! You will need your own radio system, avionics batteries, fuel, fueling system and your own choice of Turbine Engine. Get ready for the Global Aerojet T-45 Goshawk!


Navy T-45 Tiger:

 Navy T-45 Yellow/White:

T-45 Maiden flight By Anthony Perez







  • Constructed of extremely light and strong Airex Composite material
  • Speed Brakes – Operated by 2 pre-installed digital high voltage servos
  • Fully hinged offset flaps
  • Vortex generators on the wings
  • Full moving stabilizer – Yes, full stab controlled by a high torque digital servos
  • Navigation lights – Installed
  • Scale landing gear – electric retract system with electric brakes with scale struts, catapult hooks, gear doors, inflatable wheels fully installed
  • Tailhook with pinto point – ready for adding retractable mechanism for scale carrier landing approach
  • Exhaust Pipe installed

Optional AG68 Gyro Brake, DS-3 controller, or AG63 Pro recommended but sold separately

Control Setup:

CG is set at 170mm from leading edge at wing root

High- 12mm 15% Expo
Low- 8mm 10% Expo

High- 24mm 10% Expo
Low- 17mm 10% Expo

Low- 22mm

Takeoff: 20mm
Landing: 40mm

Color Schemes:

Navy T-45 Red/White

Navy T-45 Tiger

Navy T-45 Texas

Navy T-45 Yellow/White