Aerojet F-18F 1/8.5 Scale

New Release!

  • Full composite construction
  • Pre-installed servo extension
  • 2x 850 cc fuel tank,
  • 1x2150cc main tank,
  • tail pipe,
  • electric retract gear with brake,
  • and hardware package included

PNP includes Aerojet HV digital servos

Promotion Sale includes

1. Navigation/Afterburner Light Installed

2. Cockpit included 


Wingspan 1506 mm (59.3 in)
Length 2100mm (82.6 in)
Ready to Fly Weight 14.5 KG (32 lbs)
PNP Servo Aerojet , HV, HQ
Retract System Electric retracts with E-brake wheels ( controller included)
Saddle Fuel Tanks 850 cc each x2 (1700cc)
Main Fuel Tank 2150 cc
Recommended Turbine Engine 12-14KG(120-140N)


  • turbine engine (not included)
  • Battery balance charger and power supply (not included)
  • Engine Jet A/diesel/kerosene fuel (not included)

Optional Global Aerojet AG-63 Anti Slip Brake Gyro System

Throw info:

Weight RTF minus Fuel 32lbs (with UAT full)

Control Settings: 
ELE: ±20mm
Rudder: ±35mm
Aileron: ±25mm

FLP take off: 15-20 degrees 
FLP landing: 50-65 degrees
CG: 145mm ±5mm from leading edge at root

For Crow users. Set up ailerons on both side at 5 degrees up at maximum flaps.

Info provided: Global Jet Club team











Color Schemes:

Scheme 01 Canadian Air Force:


Scheme 02 Blue Angels:


Scheme 03  Top Gun:

Scheme 04  VFA-27:

Scheme 05 VMFA-115: