Aerojet Premium Series L39C 2.2M Albatros

This 1/6 Scale Aerojet L-39 Albatros is our new Premium Series RC Jets that includes

1. lightweight composite construction throughout 

2.Higher quality parts included, such as Intairco UAT, Global Air vents, painted landing gear and high quality parts

3. Higher scale details such as painted LG, rivets, panel lines, hatches

Features of this model include:

  • Composite fiberglass construction
  • Dual Wall Pipe
  • molded plywood equipment tray for clean electronic installation
  • Preinstalled 4000ML Fiberglass Fuel Tank
  • Scale-like CNC hydraulic dampened servoless retractable landing gear
  • AG68 and DS-3 Gear controller and Gyro Brake
  • Aerojet servos, 5405 ane 5301 HV installed on PNP
  • Navigation LED lights 
  • Scale cockpit
  • Machined Taxi/Overflow tank capable vents
  • Scale gear doors 

This is a superb flying scale aircraft. It is capable of fast flight, scale photo passes,  and scale aerobatic maneuvers. We recommend flying this aircraft with a 14-17n turbine engine. It can be flown comfortably on a 12n but would probably require a paved runway. This aircraft was tested by us with an 14.2kg (K142) engine. 

This model can be purchased as both an ARF or Turbine Ready-PNP . Turbine ready PNP will require your turbine engine, associated engine accessories, receiver, and batteries.  Your battery size may vary with optional accessories installed. 

ARF version only includes hardware, exhaust pipe, fuel tanks, servo extensions, landing gear, brakes, and JP controllers. 

Smoke system can be added special order for additional fee. Customized paint colors and livery can be done for an additional fee. For custom livery or smoke system, please email us for a quote.

We offer spare parts support for this aircraft. Please email us for any spare parts requests. 

All ARF Versions are PRE-ORDER at this time. The following PNP versions are PRE-ORDER: Orange/Red and Tumbling Goose. Military 777 PNP is in-stock. We can take a 50% deposit to arrange order, and final 50% due when the kit is ready to ship. Deposits must be arranged.


Wingspan 1718mm
Length  2180mm
Flying Weight 16kg-34bs
PNP Servo Aerojet /HV/HQ or RCOMG HV/HQ (6x medium, 6x standard size=12 total servos)
Retract System JP Hobby/Assan AG63 Pro Gyro Brake
Main Fuel Tank 1x 4000cc 
Header Fuel Tank/UAT Intairco itrap 50
Recommended Turbine Engine 120-160N

Optional AG68 Gyro Brake, DS-3 controller, or AG63 Pro recommended but sold separately

Global Jet Club/ Aerojet L-39X Flying weight/CG/Control Throw info:

Weight RTF minus Fuel 20lbs (with UAT full)

Control Settings:
ELE: ±20 degrees
Rudder: ±25 degrees
Aileron: ±25 degrees
FLP take off: 15-20 degrees
FLP landing: 50-65 degrees
CG: TBD mm ±__mm from leading edge at root

For Crow users. Set up ailerons on both side at 5 degrees up at maximum flaps.

Info provided: Global Jet Club team







Color Schemes:

Scheme 01 Military/777:



Scheme 02 Orange-red-black:


Scheme 03 Tumbling goose: