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Flight report on Aerojet L-39 (composite L39)



L-39 Control Setup & Cg



L-39 -  As Built


12 mm

H –  20 mm


L –  14 mm


12 mm

H – 25 mm

M – 20 mm

L –  14 mm


25 mm

H – 35 mm


L –  22 mm


Full = 50-65 deg

Half = 15-20 deg

Full –60 mm 45 deg  


Half –20 mm 20 deg


118 mm aft of wing LE at fuselage, no fuel

118 mm aft of wing LE or xx mm in front of the main gear, no fuel, UAT full, gear down


18 lbs (Est)

19 lbs  1 oz  No Fuel, UAT Full


 1.6 Liters ( 54 oz) + UAT

2.1 Liters ( 67 oz) + 4 oz UAT



Length =  inches Span =  inches


January 16 2021
Had a successful maiden of the composite version of the Aerofoam L39. Here is my set up: ACEx80, Jeti 12Ch Rx, AG68 Gyro brake and retract controllers, Global Jet AW-HV HQ servos. Duel 2600 Jeti Li ion batteries, fuel tank 1.6 L plus one 300 cc aux tank. 6:30 timer with 1/4 fuel left on main. Control setups identical to Aerofoam L39’s. Fly a bit sleeker and faster than the Aerofoam L39, need to carry 10% faster downwind turn base and final speed with maximum flaps setting to compensate for no speed brake. Landing is slow and predictable and uneventful. Brake a bit weak due to using lower voltage(7.2V) and loose drum brake pads. CG setting- nose heavy and would need to pull out 3oz leads on the next flights. Pro: really nice paint job, solid, retracts work well without complex main gear doors. Similar control settings as that or Aerofoam L39. Easy to fly. Stable with or without gyros, many interchangeable parts with Aerofoam L39 Con: no speed brake, the prototype is 1 lbs heavier than I prefer. Hope to post more photos and video later. — with Ralph Salgado and Carrie Lau.