FeiBao L-39 Wingspan: 77 1/2"(1970mm)

Length: 99 1/2"(2527mm)
Wingspan: 77 1/2"(1970mm)
Power: 26 to 46 lbs thrust
Weight: 34~36 Lb
Radio: 8 Servos required

The KIT’s are available in several options and each component area are additional “Add On” and additional pricing.

Landing gear $785(retracts, struts, wheels and brake, air system)
Tailpipe $125
Drop tank $200
Gear door cylinders/hinges set $150
Speed brake $150
Scale cockpit $240

RTF(cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake)
Navigation Light $250

Shipping cost is not included.