Aerojet F-16 1/6 Fighting Falcon



We are making another great RC turbine jet based on the KISS principle after the successful introduction of the Global Aerojet Viper 3.5M. We chose the 1/6 scale F-16 for its modern design and popularity. It is designed to be simple to build, easy to fly and operate. The Aerojet Jet Servos are HV, High Torque, Full Metal Digital Servos that are sold separately or included in the PNP configurations. These servos are specifically selected for our fleets of PNP Jets. They all have soft start up centering, highly precision titanium gear sets, high voltage, high torque (42KG*cm @8.4V) and full metal casing for great thermal stability and durability.


  • Highly prefabricated ARF, ARF PRO, PNP configurations
  • All pre-painted outside the mold with PPG quality paint at the factory
  • All AirexTM total vacuum bagged sandwich constructions on airframe
  • Pre-installed exhaust pipe, fuel tank, battery trays, landing gear, speed brake and other scale details
  • All electric scale landing gear, brake, servo operated speed brake and gear doors to completely eliminate leaky air system
  • Pre-installed folding nose landing lights


  • 1:6 
  • Length: 2440mm (96.06 in)
  • Wingspan: 1700mm (69.6 in)
  • Dry Weight: Turbine, Receiver, batteries, empty fuel tank, full UAT on board (15-16.5 kg / 33-35.25 lbs)
  • RTF Weight: Full fuel tank (19-21 kg / 42–46.9 lbs)
  • Fuel Tank: 4 liter fiberglass tank
  • Recommended Turbine Engine: 120-180N 



Original Price: $5995.00 | Introductory Price: $4995.00

JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set w/ Anti Lock/Slip Gyro Electric Brake System

Scale cockpit (Free for Introductory Price)

Hardware Package with Fittings

Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars

Tail/Exhaust Pipe

Navigation/Afterburner lights included:

PNP (Turbine Ready)

Original Price: $6995.00 | Introductory Price: $5995.00

Preinstalled JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set

Preinstalled Soft start up, full CNC metal casing, Aerojet RC Digital High Voltage Servos

Preinstalled Gear Doors

Preinstalled Multiplex Connectors & Electric Wires

Preinstalled Fuel Lines

Scale Cockpit

Main Fuel Tanks Included

Hardware Package with Fittings

Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars

Tail/Exhaust Pipe

F-16Control Settings

CG: 190-200 mm from the leading edge at wing roots.


Aerojet F-16 1/6 Fighting Falcon Take off:

Aerojet F-16 1/6 Fighting Falcon Landing:






Color schemes:

scheme 02 Thunderbird:

scheme 04 Air Superiority Camouflage:

scheme 05 GD Prototype:

 scheme 06: