FeiBao Fox Wingspan: 183-1/2"(4660MM)

New from Global Jet Club, this is the Global Feibao Fox 4.66M glider for pilots seeking unique challenges of turbine flying and high performance gliding.  

Length: 96-3/4" (2460MM)
Wingspan: 183-1/2"(4660MM)
Turbine (optional):  100-140N 

This Fox Turbine gliders have all the bells and whistles of the scale Fox Glider,

Split Scale cockpits and canopy 
electric Spoilers, flaps, ailerons, rudder, and elevator all included in the ARF Kit.
landing wheel with internal shock absorb mechanism,
Turbine pod, fuel tanks are included in the turbine kit.

Fox Turbine Glider ARF PRO $2590 includes all of these below 

Glider ARF Kit - painted ARF airframe, hardware package, main tire, rear tire, landing gear struts $1995.00
Scale cockpit  $200
Scale canopy locks$100
Turbine Kit:  Turbine pod, main fuel tank (1.6L) $295.00

Fox Turbine Glider PNP $3495.00
Installed Global Jet AW HV/HQ servos on 
Elevator  - AW-4212 HV 42KG-CM Torque
Rudder - AW-4212 HV 42KG-CM Torque
Spoilers - built in electric actuators 
Flaps - AW-1188 HV 11KG-CM Torque 
Ailerons - AW-1188 HV 11KG-CM Torque
Installed air vents, installed landing gears, installed landing gear

PNP and customization available upon request.  Please send us a request for quote. 


Wing tip smoke system package: (smoke grenades sold separately) $395
Navigation light Installed: $295.00
Shipping is not included.