FeiBao F-5 (Discontinued)

Length: 96 1/4"(2445mm)
Wingspan: 59"(1500mm)
Power: 27 to 36 Lbs thrust
Weight: 32~42 Lb
Radio: 7 Servos required

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets

FeiBao KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft’s. Proven with industry leading quality and components.

    Landing gear set $530.00

    Tailpipe $180.00

    Missiles set $370.00

    Gear door cylinders/hinges set $80.00

    Scale cockpit $120.00

    RTF (cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake) $120.00

                                              Factory website: http://www.fbjets.com