About Us

Global Jet Club is a RC turbine jet club founded in 2007 by a ground of RC Turbine Pilot enthusiasts around the world with home base in Southern California, USA, Germany, and China.

We have members in several categories,

1. Pilot members:  This is our core team of over 2,000 members around the world who provide the base of RC jet flying and purchasing power! 

2. Factory Members:  Skymaster Jet, Feibao Jets, Pilot RC, Xicoy, JP, Cobra, Swiwin/Aces Turbine, Intairco and a series of factories that offer jet kits, turbine, radio equipment to our pilot members

3. Jet Rallies:  We are the prime sponsor in many jet rallies, events, airshows around the world such as Jet Power Germany, Cool Jets China, Jets over Kentucky, Best in the West.

So on behalf of the new Global Jet Club team...we look forward to working with you and seeing you at all the events worldwide!

Now, let's go FLY!