FeiBao J-10 1/5 Scale 3.2M

In addition to the ever popular 3D sports J-10 jets in the market today, we introduce the best scale J10C in the market today.  It’s 1/5 in scale, featured in many scale details for your next warbird projects.   It can perform all the scale maneuvers and 3D aerobatics, thanks to its built in thrust vectoring nozzles.   


1. Thrust Vectoring 

2. Scale cockpit, canopy, speed brakes, gear doors and scale 

3 Scale electric landing gear for more reliable operation

4. Large 1/5 Scale for superb performance and size for scale composition 

Length:126"(3200MM)   Wingspan:74"(1880MM)

Engine Size: 190-260N 

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets

Weight: J10 painted 8.2kg, J10 installed K260(with 4.5L fuel, without smoke) close to 22kg

Additional Component Add On:

ARF Kit Price:  2895.00 (Air Frame Only)

Additional options. 

Electric landing gear set with controller $1195.00
Tailpipe $120.00
Gear door cylinders/hinges set $95.00
Speed brake $68.00
Scale cockpit $150.00
RTF(cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake) $155.00
Navigation light and afterburn light installation $300.00

ARF Pro Installed (all the options above): $4995.00

Shipping cost is not included.  

Flat Rate Shipping in USA:  $550.00

International Rate Available upon request.