FeiBao F-15D Wingspan:55"(1400mm) Parts and Accessories

Length:81"(2060mm)      Wingspan:55"(1400mm)
Power: 21 to 34lbs        Radio: Minimum 8 servos

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets

FeiBao KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft’s. Proven with industry leading quality and components.

Parts and Accessories

Electric Landing gear set 
Gear door cylinders/hinges set 
Scale cockpit 
RTF (cost on installing gear doors; cylinders; hinges; landing gear; speed brake) 

Navigation Light and burn light installation  (8 lights ; nozzles lights and installation cost) 

Shipping cost is not included. 

                                          Factory website: http://www.fbjets.com