FeiBao F-16 Wingspan: 65' (1650mm)

Length: 95" (2400mm)
Wingspan: 65' (1650mm)
Power: 28~40Lb (18~22kg) thrust
Weight: 34~36Lb(14~16kg)
Radio: 9 Servos required

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets

Manufacturer website: http://fbjets.com/index.php?Page=13

FeiBao KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft’s. Proven with industry leading quality and components.

Additional Component Add On:

Landing gear set $985.00

Tailpipe $125.00

Missile set $475.00

Gear doors cylinders/hinges set $60.00

Speed brake $115.00

Scale canopy $115.00

Scale cockpit $185.00

RTF(cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake) $145.00

Navigation light and Afterburner LED Ring $330.00

Shipping cost is not included.