Piolt-RC F-16 1/6 Jet Sun cover Accessories & Parts

Presenting the Pilot-RC Suncover. An easy and effective way to keep your model looking better for longer.

  • Elastic material means one size fits most shapes
  • Reflective silver keeps the sun rays and heat away from the model
  • Reduces wrinkles in covering and protects plastic and painted parts
  • Cover your model in a matter of seconds
  • Even though not recommended, also offers some resistance against rain
  • Pilot-RC carry case included

Thanks to the reflective elastic material used, the same cover can be used either for any 1/6 F-16C from Skymaster, Feibao, and most other jets of similar size!

Tested and confirmed Jet sizes that would fit.

1/6 FB F-5E

1/6 F-16C (Not  XL) - Skymaster, Feibao, Jet Legend and other brands of equivalent scale. 


Comes with included Pilot-RC carry case: