Global Aerofoam MB-339 Turbine Jet PNP (1.6M)

New Aerofoam MB-339 made by our approved factor members- PPAS.  They have upgraded electric landing gear systems - made by JP hobby.   

Available in PNP configurations: Just add a turbine, batteries and receivers and go fly.



Wingspan 1600mm (63 in)
Length 1600mm (63 in)
Flying Weight(Included 6kg turbine engine & 1350ml fuel) Approx. 8000g (17.6 lb)
Servo GDW 7x 25g & 3x 12g
Retract System JP electric retracts
Main Fuel Tank 1350cc (1.35 liter)
Header Fuel Tank 120cc (0.12 liter)
Recommended Turbine Engine 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb)
Package Include:
  • Aircraft (most components pre-installed, some assembly required)
  • User manual
  • 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb) turbine engine (not included)
  • Minimum 8 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
  • 2x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for the receiver (not included)
  • 1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for turbine engine ECU (not included)
  • Battery balance charger and power supply (not included)
  • Engine Jet A/Diesel/Kerosene fuel (not included)













Color Schemes:

01 Red/White


02 Italian Air Force Camouflage 1

03 Orange/Red Camouflage



 04 Yellow/Grey



05  Yellow/Orange Camouflage


06 Orange/Olive Drab Camouflage