Global Aerojet Viper Scale 3.4M


GLOBAL AEROJET KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft’s. Proven with industry leading quality and components.









Aviation grade vacuumed sandwich composite construction, carbon fiber laminated formers

Top-of-the-line hardware

3404mm (134 in)
3302mm (130 in)
Dry Weight
50 lbs
RTF Weight
61 lbs
Fuel Tank
6 Liters
Recommended Turbine Engine
180n ~ 260n
CG: in the middle of the main spar to start with 
Control throws
Ailerons, Elevator, Rudders : +/-30 degrees 
Flaps: Take Off: 15 degrees. Landing: 50-60 degrees 
Package & Build Options

Optional AG68 Gyro Brake, DS-3 controller, or AG63 Pro recommended but sold separately

Construction: Aviation grade vacuumed sandwich composite construction, carbon fiber laminated formers.  Top of line hardware

ARF PRO Wired configuration:

ARF Airframe,

Heavy Duty Electric Landing Gear W/ Retract controllers,

Light System installed

Anti lock/Slip Gyro brake controller included.

Exhaust Pipe, Fuel Tanks (two tanks/ 6L and 1.5L, 2nd tank can be used for smoke tank),  

Hardware package, Wired and ready for servos installation

PNP :  Plug N Play version: ARF PRO + installed Global Aerojet full metal digital High voltage servos on all control surface, Multiplex connectors for electric wires, all wiring, fuel lines installed.  

Optional:         Smoke System, Light system

Two versions,

  1. Viper Sports:A sport scale jets, features painted canopy, painted outside the mold
  2. Viper Scale: Included super scale cockpit kit, clear canopy, painted outside the mold

Part Prices:

Electric Landing Gear Package with Brake Gyro:            $1695.00

Exhaust Pipe: Double wall bell mounted stainless         $295.00

Light System: Landing, Nav light, (11 lights), controllers $295.00           

Smoke System: Installed Pump, sprayers, valves:          $250.00 

ARF to ARF PRO Hardware and Wiring Packages:           $395.00

Scale cockpit kit:                                                                  $595.00


Top Reasons to purchase from GLOBAL JET CLUB instead of Factory Direct

-The difference in Time Zones makes communication difficult. GLOBAL JET CLUB is a well-respected US Retailer with a professional and experienced team ready to assist you on PST Time.

-The factory mainly speaks a different language.

-GLOBAL JET CLUB will be your contact for any warranty or technical matters.

-Our purchasing volume allows us to provide factory direct pricing.

-We attend most all flying events where we can assist you with on sight technical and product support.

-Save money and frustration by purchasing from GLOBAL JET CLUB! We are experienced pilots and we are here to assist in a great overall experience with your purchase!

Shipping Methods:

-Air Shipping via DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx Direct from China

-Ground Shipping (U.S. ONLY) approximately 45 Days for delivery upon the production completion of the aircraft.

-You may also choose for local pick up from our warehouse location in Zip Code: 91706 and or at our Hemet-Ryan Airport location.

-If you are located in the Lower 48 U.S. States, we can ship via ground by Greyhound Package Express, UPS and or FedEx Freight.