The AG63 Pro module integrates a gyroscope anti-drift steering and an electromagnetic brake controller.  However, the pilot still maintains nose wheel steering with rudder input. An additional feature of the AG63 Pro is the proportional braking if used on a slider or knob.

The gyro will apply 2 correcting functions: nose wheel steering and differential braking. During taxiing and take-off, the gyro will correct steering drift by applying the correct nose wheel input.  Upon landing and braking, the gyro will use both nose wheel correction during rollout and on braking will apply differential braking to correct any steering drift.

The most important highlight of the AG63 Pro module is that it uses intelligent adaptive algorithm, which eliminates the tedious operation of setting sensor direction and adjusting sensitivity of traditional model gyroscope products. It only needs to automatic direction adaptation once during installation, and there is no need to adjust when using, so that its installation and use is very simple and convenient.


  • Brake and Gear power provided by 5 – 60vdc
  • Fully proportional braking
  • Nose wheel steering will disengage eliminating the nose wheel from moving while retracted in the wheel well.
  • 3x male-male servo wires
  • 35mm x 48mm x 9mm
  • Weight: 32g

The AG63 Pro gyro supports six-direction installation, which can either make the gyro bottom surface parallel to the bottom plane of the model aircraft (the gyro label face up or down), or make any one of the four arrows on the gyro label perpendicular to the bottom plane of the model aircraft. The gyro is securely attached to the model aircraft using screws or double-sided adhesive.


  • Tilt the model aircraft over 40°, the AG63 Pro gyro will stop correction function after two seconds, but the steering nose wheel will respond to the 
    transmitter rudder stick, so that you can observe and adjust the steering nose wheel.
  • Retract the landing gear of the model aircraft, the AG63 Pro gyro will immediately stop correction function and keep the steering nose wheel in neutral 
    Extend the landing gear of the model aircraft, the AG63pro gyro will start correction function after 5 seconds.
  • If the electromagnetic brake is not turned off for more than one minute, the AG63pro gyro will automatically turn off the brake to prevent the 
    electromagnetic coil in the brake from overheating. 
  • If the rudder channel is stabilized with a flight gyro, assign the nose wheel steering to different channel to avoid steering input conflicts between the gyros.
  • It is not recommended that any mixing or adjustments are made to the servo travel or limits in from TX. With the radio on and the aircraft is level and stationery, make mechanical adjustments to the nose gear to align on center. Any TX adjustments will affect the steering and braking performance.
  • If the brake power supply voltage is higher than 12V, the brake output voltage is 12V. If the brake power supply voltage is lower than 12V, the brake 
    output voltage is the same as the brake power supply voltage.
  • AG63 Pro needs to be at least 1.5 inches away from engine ECU to avoid electronic interference on either device.

Also available is the AG68 with integrated Gear Controller.