Jetcat P160-RXi-B Turbine Engine - Thrust: 36 lb
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Jetcat P160-RXi-B Turbine Engine - Thrust: 36 lb




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Jetcat P160-RXi-B - Thrust: 36 lb, Now Features a Brushless Fuel Pump

Jetcat P160-RXi-B turbine engine, made in Germany
MSRP Retail $3,095.00


  • Compact outline and form factor
  • Internal kerosene start
  • Internal EGT sensor!
  • Internal solenoids, only one fuel connection to the engine
  • New "Bus-system" fuel pump.
  • Eliminates necessity to adjust pump startup voltage!
  • Single wiring connection from ECU to engine
  • New miniature/lightweight ECU V10.0
  • Battery: 2-cell LiPo or optional 3-cell LiFe (e.g. A123)
  • Thrust: 160N (35.96 lbs) at 123,000 1 / min
  • Idle thrust: 6N (1.35 lbs.)
  • Weight:. 1530g (53.97 oz) incl. starter
  • Diameter: 112mm (4.41 in.)
  • Overall length: 285mm (11.22 in.) incl. starter
  • Idle RPM: 33000 1/min
  • Max RPM: 123000 1/min
Maintenance cycle: every 25 hours Cost: $300

Jetcat P160-RXi-B includes: 
      The future is here! Jetcat P160-RX includes the state of the art V10 ECU. Single fuel and cable connection to the engine. No external solenoids! Internal kero start and exhaust gas temperature probe. Smart fuel pump with easy mount aluminum case. Includes 9.9V LiFe battery. A123 compatible! Comes with everything you need to install into your plane.

Now Includes the ECU V10.0

    The updated ECU comprises a high speed digital power bus for control and power supply of all engine peripherals (e.g. engine, fuel pump, solenoids, smoke pump, lighting systems, etc. ) with a minimum of wiring connections.
    An on board precision pressure and ambient temperature sensor allows for optimum engine control, independent to environmental conditions.

Includes JetCat Mini-GSU

The JetCat Mini-GSU is an optional miniature Ground Support Unit (GSU). It comprises a 2x16 character alphanumeric backlit LCD display and 10 control keys.
    Function wise it can be used as a 100% replacement for our normal GSU. Its small form factor and weight makes it ideally suited for permanent installation in the model. Connection to ECU`s up to Version 6.0 is via a 8-pin miniature flatcable connector directly to the LED-I/O interface. Connection to ECUs from Version 10.0 is via a 6-pin miniature flatcable directly to the ECU or the LED-I/O interface or 8-pin flat cable to JetCat I/O-interface with charging option.

      * Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
      * Turbine mounting clamp
      * Detailed instruction manual
      * 3 Year warranty

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