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In Stock FeiBao T-33 Wingspan: 108 1/4"(2750mm) Tbirds Chrome

Length: 100"(2540mm)
Wingspan: 108 1/4"(2750mm)
Power: 34 to 45lbsthrust
Weight: 32~45Lb
Radio: 8 Servos required

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets


Landing gear set $810.00

Tailpipe $135.00

Gear door cylinders/hinges set $100.00

Speed brake $130.00

Scale canopy $115.00

Scale cockpit $255.00

RTF (cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake) $145.00

Navigation Lighting  $300.00

Shipping cost is not included


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