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Aerojet Sparrow G2 1950mm (76.8 in) ARF PRO


GLOBAL AEROJET KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft’s. Proven with industry leading quality and components.


Aviation grade vacuumed sandwich composite construction, carbon fiber laminated formers

Top-of-the-line hardware

1950mm (76.8 in)
2100mm (82.7 in)
Fuel Tank
4 Liters
Recommended Radio System
12 channel
Recommended Receiver Battery
2x 2S 2200~3300mAh Li-Po
Recommended ECU Battery
1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po
Recommended Retract System Battery
1x 2S 2000~3300mAh Li-Po
Recommended Turbine Engine
12~16kg (26~35 lb)

Preinstalled JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set 
Preinstalled Gear Doors
4 Liters Main Fuel Tank
Hardware Package with Fittings
Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars
Flex Plate
Tail/Exhaust Pipe

Top Reasons to purchase from GLOBAL JET CLUB instead of Factory Direct

-The difference in Time Zones makes communication difficult. GLOBAL JET CLUB is a well-respected US Retailer with a professional and experienced team ready to assist you on PST Time.

-The factory mainly speaks a different language.

-GLOBAL JET CLUB will be your contact for any warranty or technical matters.

-Our purchasing volume allows us to provide factory direct pricing.

-We attend most all flying events where we can assist you with on sight technical and product support.

-Save money and frustration by purchasing from GLOBAL JET CLUB! We are experienced pilots and we are here to assist in a great overall experience with your purchase!