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JSM Xcalibur Plus ARF

Length: (95”) 2412mm
Wingspan: (92”) 2238mm
Power: 18 to 36 lbs thrust
Weight: 13.25Kg (29.15Lbs) (Dry)
Radio: 8 Servos required
Manufacturer: Ripmax



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With the incredible success of the Xcalibur sport jet the next logical development was a larger version, after all, bigger models always fly better! This version of the Xcalibur+ Plus is finished in an attractive sport scheme.

Developed to suit 80 - 160N Newton turbines, the Xcalibur+ is quick and easy to assemble, making it easy to transport and store. The fuselage is molded in fiberglass and comes supplied pre-painted with molded in wheel wells for easy clean-up when used on grass fields. The large top hatch is secured by one bolt for quick and easy access to the turbine and electronics. The wings, booms and tail are built-up from balsa and ply and then covered in iron-on film to match the fuselage.

For easy retract selection offer (choose as option dropdown) a dedicated set of air up/down retracts complete with oleos, wheels, brakes, filler valve and air valves. JSM also offer an optional molded fiberglass fuel tank with a capacity of 4.6 Liters, allowing plenty of flight time.

Flight performance of the Xcalibur+ Plus is superb and is capable of a wide range of speeds. The low wing loading allows for amazingly slow passes to gentle short strip landings making it especially suited to grass fields. The large center flap provides extra lift and increased drag helping to reduce the landing speed and roll on distance. Use a turbine at the larger end of the recommended range and the Xcalibur+ Plus tracks straight and true in high speed passes and is capable of extreme aerobatic maneuvers.

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ARF PRO and get you into the air faster!

  • ARF kit includes fuel tanks, pipe, hardware and cockpit (no pilot).
  • ARF PRO includes landing gear.

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• Disassembles into 6 parts for easy transport
• Pre-painted fiberglass fuselage
• Large removable canopy for easy access
• Amazing slow speed performance
• Suits turbines ranging from 80N up to 160N
• Optional retracts with oleos and brakes


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