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GLOBAL AEROJET T-33 T-Birds Turbine Ready w/ Lights and Cockpit installed

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Wing Span: 2057mm/81in

Length: 1879mm/74in

Main Fuel Tank: 2.5 Liters

Smoke Tank: 1 Liter

Recommended Turbine Size: 80n-120n (ACEx 80-120)



Introducing the GLOBAL AEROJET 2m T-33 Composite ARF! The package options below and the attention to detail on this T-33 is second to none! Beautiful automotive grade paint and clear coat with all the decals and scale markings applied! The T-33 has proven to be one of the best "Jet Trainers" available! The overall slow flight performance lends to the most "trainer feel" jet around! Of course, the aerobatic capabilities are off the charts! The T-33 has been a family of the famous US Thunderbirds aerobatic show team!


The Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star began its design stages dating back to 1943 with quick work into the first test flights in 1944 just more than a year later. The 2-Seater T-33 proved to be an excellent trainer in areas such as flight training to advanced gunnery training. The T-33 has served with over 30 nations and continues to fly today as a jet trainer in smaller air forces. With this in mind and the T-33 holding one of the most recognizable jets in our history of flight, Global Aerojet working with Aviation Jets joined teams to bring this iconic T-33 to a scale RC Replica flying turbine jet. All of the attributes from the amount of wing surface area and its clean wide wing span, translates to a graceful and very easy to handle flight experience. The overall flight character is of a very well-balanced scale jet that is capable of scale aerobatics with excellent slow flight performance. Global Aerojet has pushed forward to bring a mindset of high quality all while keeping simplicity and ease of assembly at one of our main priorities. Our available combo packages allow for you to get in the air faster! Electronics from servos to the electric retract system and fuel system has been installed. We have taken all the time consuming build out of the experience for you! Increase your daily flights with fuel and fly! Our focus in simplicity eliminates complicated programming and assembly. We do that work for you and your main focus is the enjoyment of a beautiful jet and the majesty of flight. The T-33 will always be an iconic jet with great history and with the USAF Thunderbirds flying the Shooting Star in their Air Show team. Whether you are a scale jet competitor or an EDF pilot with hopes of transitioning to turbine, the T-33 is a spectacular choice!

-Global Aerojet- We build, You FLY



---TURBINE READY PNP (JP Electric Retract Set with Electric Brakes, 2.5 Liter Main Fuel Tank, Hardware Package with Fittings, Main Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer Wing Spars, Flex Plate, Tail Pipe / GDW Servo x 8, GDW servo for nose gear, Extension Wires Package, Air Vent, fuel filler valve, installed gear doors.)

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