F-16 Gen3 ARF  - Scale 1:6
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F-16 Gen3 ARF - Scale 1:6



Brand: Skymaster

Tags: F-16, Turbine Jet



Length: 98" (2475mm)
Wingspan: 65' (1630mm)
Power: 36~45Lb (18~22kg) thrust
Weight: 34~36Lb(14~16kg)
Radio: 7-11 Servos required
Manufacturer: Skymaster

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  • ARF kit includes fuel tanks, pipe, hardware and cockpit (no pilot).
  • ARF PRO Service includes landing gear and doors installed for you.
  • PNP Service includes ALL PRO + servos installed for you. All that is left to do is install your batteries, controller, receiver and turbine...fuel and GO FLY!

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