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Global Aerofoam Blue L-39 Albatross G2 (Turbine Ready) Jet PNP



Wingspan 1450mm (57.1 in)
Length 1850mm (72.8 in)
Ready to Fly Weight  16 lbs *With 3S 2500mah RX batteries, 1 ECU battery and full UAT*
Servo 7x 25g & 5x 12g
Retract System Servo-less metal retracts with E-brake wheels  
Main Fuel Tank 1600cc (1.6 liter)
Header Fuel Tank 120cc (0.12 liter)
Recommended Turbine Engine 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb)


Global Jet Club/ Aerofoam L-39 Flying weight/CG/Control Throw info:

Weight RTF minus Fuel 16lbs (with UAT full)

CG 115 mm (4.5 inches) from leading edge at root of wing to fuselage.

Aileron 12mm (15/32)

Elevator 12mm (15/32)

Rudder 25 mm (1 inch)

Flaps. 15-20 degrees on take off. 50-65 degrees on landing.

For Crow users. Set up ailerons on both side at 5 degrees up at maximum flaps.

Info provided: Global Jet Club team


Aerofoam FB Group:
Suggested engine size: 60n to 80n (6kg to 8kg)

The L-39 Albatross has been a proven jet for military flight training and also has been an air show performer favorite! This preferred jet exhibits the best of both slow flight character and aerobatic jet performance. This L-39 is a great choice for many of the inspiring turbine pilots transitioning from large EDF jets to turbine jets. The much feared "stall" of a turbine jet is minimized with the L-39. The over all aircraft design lends to a very easy to handle and great glide ratio performance. This L-39 is Turbine Ready PNP. Just add your turbine of choice, radio gear, flight batteries, fuel and fly! 


Package Include:

  • Aircraft (most components pre-installed, some assembly required)
  • User manual
  • Turbine Not Included


Global Aerojet AG-63 Anti Slip Brake Gyro System

  • 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb) turbine engine (not included)
  • Minimum 8 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
  • 2x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for the receiver (not included)
  • 1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for turbine engine ECU (not included)
  • Battery balance charger and power supply (not included)
  • Engine gasoline/diesel/kerosene fuel (not included)


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