FeiBao F-100
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FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100 FeiBao F-100

FeiBao F-100



Brand: Fei Bao

Tags: F-100, FeiBao, Turbine Jet



Feibao F-100 Turbine KIT

Length: 110 1/4"(2800mm)

Wingspan: 85"(2150mm)
Power: 45 lbs to 55LBS Thrust
Weight: 40~45LB
Radio: 8 Servos Required

Manufacturer: FeiBao/FBjets

FeiBao KITS are extremely high-quality replica RC models of full-scale aircraft. Proven with industry leading quality and components.

The KIT’s are available in several options and each component area are additional “Add On” and additional pricing.

MB-339 KIT Only Includes: Factory painted Airex Technology fuselage/airframe, carbon laminated former, and Kevlar fuel tank, Decals Applied.  Price: $2,825.00

Additional Component Add On:

Landing Gear Set: $810.00
Tail Pipe  $140.00
Missiles Set $295.00
Gear Door Cylinders/hinges Set $85.00
Speed Brake  $95.00
Scale Canopy  $125.00
Scale Cockpit $165.00
RTF( Cost on installing gear doors, cylinders, hinges, landing gear, speed brake) $180.00
Navigation Light and Afterburner $300.00


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*LEAD TIME (Note: FeiBao Models are produced on an order basis and have a manufacturing lead time of Approximately 8 to 12 weeks.)

Shipping Methods:

-Air Shipping via DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx Direct from China

-Ground Shipping (U.S. ONLY) Approx 45 Days for delivery upon the production completion of the aircraft.

-You may also choose for local pick up from our warehouse location in Zip Code: 91746 and or at our Hemet-Ryan Airport location.

-If you are located in the Lower 48 U.S. States, we can ship via ground by Greyhound Package Express, UPS and or FedEx Freight.

Factory website: http://www.fbjets.com/index.php?Page=57



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