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Global Aerojet Brake Gyro Controller Pro : AG63 Pro


AG63 Pro (Now comes with proportional brake control and high quality metal case.) The Global Aerojet Brake Gyro Controller AG63 Pro version is designed for planes equipped with tricycle landing gear and electromagnetic brakes . The gyro stabilizes the steering and modulates both left and right brake controls digitally so that the plane would track straight during taxi, take off or landing. The anti-lock and slip control prevents uneven braking and keeps plane straight. The Gyro control also prevent cartwheeling at excessive banking angle of the plane by reducing steering input automatically. These actions reduces wear on landing gear components and tires. No more flat spots on tires, bent struts or cracked gear plates due to excessive braking and lateral loads. A must have for any jets with electric brake system. Easy to set up and operate. Just hook it up to steering servos and two main gear brakes. Available at Global Jet Club and Banana Hobby - In Stock at our Los Angeles warehouse. 


- Electric Brake Input : 5v - 60 v ( 2s - 14s )
- Control Board Size :  26.5mm x 43.5mm x 5mm 
- Weight: 21g